Tumblr and Posterous are the two most prominent “tumblogging” sites, i.e. sites that make blogging more straightforward by making it easier to post media. […] But now Tumblr has been an Alexa Top 100 site for a while and is still growing strong. Meanwhile Posterous has about 4 times less uniques. Yet Posterous has everything to win: it’s a Y Combinator company with top-tier investors like Chris Sacca and Mitch Kapor. Its founders are experienced software engineers with computer science degrees from Stanford. How come it’s eating dust from a small startup started by a high school dropout?


The answer is as easy as it is counter-intuitive: Tumblr is a New York company and Posterous is a Silicon Valley company. Or, to put it another way: Posterous is an engineered product, while Tumblr is a designed product.

Jako lepo rečeno. Do duše ja iz nekog razloga volim Posterous, dopada mi se malo drugačiji pristup, ali mi se ne dopada kako i jedan i drugi mnogo više podstiču širenje sadržaja (po sistemu „šalji dalje”, tzv. reblogging) bez ikakvog udela onoga koji rebloguje u istom.

Why Tumblr is kicking Posterous’s ass