The USA is the most disappointing superpower ever. It took you 40 years to defeat the USSR in the cold war despite the fact that in 1940 it was a pre-industrialised nation with half your population that had just been ravaged by two world wars a revolution and mass purgings. You never had an empire, your cultural contribution is negligible and consists of reruns of friends and scrubs. Despite being the world’s richest nation by a massive margin your healthcare system excludes 40 million despite spending more than the nations with inclusive systems. 60% of you think the universe was created 5000 years ago. Power and influence are bought in billion dollar elections, your only god is money and status. You may top the tables for Olympic gold medals and Nobel prizes but per capita you are way down the list, you only succeed because you have weight of numbers and dollars, you have no class, no finesse, you’re like the fat ugly kid at school who rolls on the little kids for their lunch money. You brag about how awesome you are but in 20 years China will have overtaken you and you will be irrelevant. The Roman and British empires lasted for hundreds of years but your domination lasted a meagre half century in which you have achieved nothing. the world will remember you as greedy, culturally impotent, arrogant, failures.

You might think I am just an angry Brit who hates America, but have numerous American friends and I would have loved to see you guys succeed, to have promoted freedom and justice after destroying the menace of fascism and communism but you have wasted your time at the top. You have betrayed the ideals of your founding fathers – liberty, enlightenment, democracy – by becoming a bunch of fundamentalist morons with no respect for culture or science who torture and detain without trial. History will judge you as losers.

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