Mark Bitman:

This is a letter George sent late last week to a well-known chef, and one he’ll be sending to others. (It’s worth noting, if for no other reason than to answer the inevitable question, which I asked myself, that George doesn’t only sell naturally-raised meats – he sells industrially-produced stuff as well. But he’s on a campaign to persuade the chefs who insist that’s what they want to change their minds, and I know he’d like to supply only the right stuff)

Jeste da se radio o SAD i da je situacija tamo mnogo gora; lično sam se uverio u to, hrana je apsurdno jeftina, ali mislim da je ovo realna opasnost, i da svako mora preuzeti odgovornost na sebe da se informiše o tome šta jede, a pogotovo mladi roditelji koji formiraju stavove prema hrani kod svoje dece.

The Letter Every Chef Should Read