[…] In reality, spinach has no more iron in it than any other vegetable. This spinach misconception dates back to the 1950’s when a food analyst made an error while calculating the iron in spinach. His decimal place was off by one place, suggesting that spinach had ten times as much iron content than it really did.

When Julian Asher listens to an orchestra, he doesn’t just hear music; he also sees it. The sounds of a violin make him see a rich burgundy color, shiny and fluid like a red wine, while a cello’s music flows like honey in a golden yellow hue.

Ovaj neurološki poremećaj se naziva sinestezija i manifestuje se mešanjem čula. Navodno su autor “Lolite” VLadimir Nabokov, kao i Franc List imali ovaj poremećaj koji u globalu ima oko 1% ljudi.

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