Machine with Concrete – Arthur Ganson 

The engine runs at 200 revolutions per minute moving the first gear at 4 revolutions per minute through the worm gear at the end of its axle (which doesn’t count as part of the 12-gear mechanism). The second gear then runs at 4.8 revolutions per hour (which explains why you can barely appreciate any movement). Then things go from glacial to geological to galactic-scale speeds:
Third: 1 rev/10.4 hours

Fourth: 1 rev/3.1 weeks

Fifth: 1 rev/2.98 years

Sixth: 1 rev/149 years

Seventh: 1 rev/7452 years

Eight: 1 rev/372,600 years

Ninth: 1 rev/18.6 million years

Tenth: 1 rev/932 million years

Eleventh: 1 rev/47 billion years

Twelve: 1 rev/2.3 trillion years