If The United States were your home instead of Serbia you would:
consume 4.3 times more oil
spend 7.7 times more money on health care
make 3.5 times more money
use 1.7 times more electricity
experience 73.08% more of a class divide
have 50.33% more babies
be 5 times more likely to have HIV/AIDS
have a 43.98% better chance at being employed
live 4.15 years longer
have a 7.67% lesser chance af dying in infancy

Odličan sajt za poređenje uslova života dveju zemalja.

U vreme pisanja ovoga sajt je prilično spor, verovatno usled ogromnog odziva sa reddita, osvežavajte stranicu dok se ne učita.

Comparing Serbia to The United States.